Should Marijuana Be Legalized? with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Does Neil deGrasse Tyson agree with Carl Sagan that marijuana should be legalized? Find out in this clip from a Facebook Live event with co-host Chuck Nice.


  1. "Alcohol is legal but it can mess you up more than smoking marijuana". Mr tyson and all the alcoholics know very well that alcohol is poison yet mr tyson is an avid wine lower and many people drink alcohol like water. What kind of an ignorant world we are living in

  2. How irresponsible, and Soooo disappointing to hear someone so loved and looked up to by many many smart kids say – "smoking a few Js is like inhaling helium balloons". I expected more guidance from him, or at a minimum to point out the adverse effects on the brain over time… not to mention the lungs. I have seen this "DRUG" destroy and sabotage many lives in the inner-city community where I grew up.

  3. The problem with pot though is that, it’s the “gate way” drug to the more dangerous drugs that you can’t just start taking, until you’ve worked your entolerance up

  4. Random recommend from YT after subscribing. Speaking as a non-user in THE country famous for pot? Couldn't agree more that outlawing it is ridiculous compared to what is allowed. Tobacco kills people, including those who never smoke themselves but get the second hand shitclouds.

  5. Fun fact: weed was demonized because of the part you dont smoke. Its one of the fastest growing trees and would have destroyed the deeply entrenched paper and textile(cloth) industries. So lumber barons (including the guy Citizen Kane was based upon) and others spent some of their fortune to make people think it was a horrible drug, rather than lose it all.

  6. Logic: instead of saying alcohol and tobacco should be illegal lets say marijuana should also be legal cause its lethal but not as lethal as other legal intoxicants and cause we need options of killing ourselves.

  7. If alcohol is legal, then marijuana should be legal.
    Alcohol is literally poison that negatively affects your brain and other parts of the body.
    As long as you don't start smoking weed until your brain has finished developing, then it actually only has positive affects.
    Alcohol is poison, marijuana is medicine.
    Just regulate it like alcohol, there's no reason for it to be illegal. Look at how well the states that have legalized it are doing!

  8. A few more states and it will have the 2/3 majority needed to push it through congress. It's already legal in OK, arguably one of the most anti-drug states in the U.S. As recently as 6 years ago it was a felony to possess any quantity of marijuana, now you just need a license to use it medicinally.

  9. uhhh…it sounded like it made sense until the bit about helium balloons. People share Nitrous Oxide from balloons….not helium? Am I wrong?. But once you high from THC or 2H0 you probably move onto helium and THEN kill yourselves laughing at your little voices.

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