A Guide to Being a Licensed Marijuana Producer (w/ Justin Dhaliwal)

The legalization of marijuana is just around the corner. The market has been projected to be worth more than $10 billion. For some, that suggests the marijuana …


  1. I know this will be unpopular with smokers but there is definitely a down side to smoking too much, as an ex-smoker I have first hand experienced the paranoia and witnessed other people that have experienced dramatic and negative effect on their lives due to excessive smoking. Medical grade (from my research) means the blend of CBD to THC renders the oils unsuitable for smokers due to the reduction of THC content. Rick Simpson of Phoenix tears (again from my research) is credited with the match towards medical usage says its vital that THC is present. As the powers that be have banned THC consumption ( how they have the right to do so is mind Boggling ) it pretty much makes the watered down CBD oils available useless as medical intervention, Whist big Pharma supply of synthetic DRUGS remain legally unchallenged, they deny the benefits of THC/CBD blend whilst trying to create a synthetic version that can be patented. HMMMMMMMmmm!!

  2. I hate the way hes saying the research is very early….no it's not. They've been researching it all throughout the 20th century and the government damn sure has been researching it

  3. This guy is a joke and donโ€™t know what heโ€™s talking about. Another con man trying to take advantage of a culture and industry that has been helping people for thousands of years

  4. This 2 shell-joke-human's talking about weed as if its something tabu , half of world smoke weed daily.. If anyone cared for people health alcohol would be illegal cigerettes would be ilegal and so on!

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