Bill to Legalize Cannabis Filed in US Senate – NCIA Government Relations Michael Correia reacts

A historic day in US Cannabis history as the Senate Leadership Releases Draft Legislation to Make Cannabis Federally Legal! Now the work of lobbyists in …


  1. I'm a truck driver. Obviously I have to be sober at work. But I want cannabis on my off time. There is a massive shortage of truck drivers because of the drug testing for cannabis. This needs to stop. Especially if it becomes fully legal for everyone else. I don't need government to be my parents.

  2. I will only support federal legalization as long as it stays out of the hands of corporation's and benefits the people. Anyone should be able to buy a license to have their own farms, despensery or transport co. No one can have a license for more than one of the 3 and should not be taxed more than 40%. If it doesn't go OUR WAY then we will continue to support the black market and just do it our way anyway.

  3. I want to know why is it so hard to pass on something that is good to economics and also the medical department and it's going to be where it's going to keep going up because Uncle Sam wants a piece of the pie, plus how many states that are around Minnesota that has legalized cannabis and marijuana.
    To me I think both should be legalized to the public, I use cannabis oil for vaping, it takes the pain from my joints and marijuana I been using that over a couple years and my eyes I have used marijuana for weight lost.
    From 2018 to now I have lost 235 lbs and I was looking to close to 450 lbs.

  4. It is so expensive already. The taxes on the stuff is terrible. It is so sad that all these people want is to find the next thing they can tax us all to death and make their profits off of it.

  5. 1. Fully legal 2. Taxed like alcohol and tobacco 3. No quantity limits 4. Concentrates no limits 5. Smell is not probable cause 6. Retraining for police on the new laws

  6. this is too little,too late!!!! nothing can save america!!!!!! money is about to collapse!!!! it never "existed" neither has "time" or "7 days of the WEAK MINDED" ……..jesuits created this and are behind the 5 families of the Fed…. 6+6+6= 18 letters ……….. Rev. 13:18 HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The INCREDIBLY HIGH "sin tax" they want to place on it will ensure that the black market lives on. The police in some areas will STILL be looking for 'illegal' pot. But that doesn't matter. Because if it's off the list, it won't be long before it's once again growing 'like a weed', because that's what it does when backwards ass LEO aren't out there 'fighting it'. It's NATURE. IT GROWS.

    Johnny Potseed is waiting and ready! Once it's legal, he's gonna plant EVERYWHERE HE GOES! Parks, fields, roadsides, wherever!

  8. I'm pretty sure we've been shouting and speaking up about our views and the actual science of cannabis for a couple decades….but we should feel special because now they "want to listen to our comments". I smell more bullshit from Corporate bullshiters who won't change legislation even when we vote for them to change legislation….

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