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  1. May this legalization and apology to Rastafari be parallel to land and human rights of displaced family in Barbuda exposed to sovereign power violations. Giving thanks for the full strength and sharing herein. February 7.2018 before Antigua and Barbuda Parliament.

  2. Well done Priest Isaac. One very important thing that arrived out of this speech is the FORMAL APOLOGY made to the COMMUNITY!
    I believed, like the I, this is what extricate Antigua's move towards the legalization of marijuana from other countries!
    As far as i know, Gaston Brown is the only head of state, who on behalf of his Gov't made a formal apology to the RASTAFARI community.
    Consider the implications of this his speech and what it means to the Antiguan cimmunity!
    It means that from this time inwards, Gaston Brown and Antugua will be an important part as the PRECEDENT in the acknowledgement and liberation of the RASTAFARI Globally!


  3. Ises bredren n sistren! How good it is to see fruit of Jah love come forward. As His Majesty seh “let the children be cared for” n this honorable prime minister says he was cared for many a times by Rastafari bredren n sistren. May he be guided by Jah to follow true on this promise and not fall by the way of typical politricks of big talk n no action. Big up yuhself Prime Minister, honor your heritage n those that cared for and fed you, and follow thru!

  4. As long as the Gaston Browne government sets limits on the number
    of grams and trees citizens can have, he is still promoting a form
    of control by what he correctly called the "racist political and
    economic interests of the global powers."
    The Herb is from God and is under the Domain of Natural Law.
    Gaston Browne's secular law need not and should not ever try to
    control what is clearly from God.
    100% Unlimited Legalization is the only true gesture of an apology.
    And since Rastafari have given up their lives for the freedom of the
    Herb for all ordinary people (like me) to enjoy, then the "stake"
    that this politician mentions, should be a
    good portion of the tax revenue, to be given to Rastafari.
    ~Many thanks to the Honorable Priest Isaac for providing this
    video. Peace, Love, Unity & Respect My Brother.

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