1. Only have about 13 hours of light on the east coast right now…so how do I get my clones to grow in veg without flowering? That’s not enough light right?…I can’t put them in my tent because of the same issue..I’m running 13 hours in there right now with my plants that are in flower.

  2. How do they stay alive throughout the night not being in light? I've tried making outdoor clones doing this AT LEAST 12-15 times and they ALWAYS die at night. Although plants die if I even walk within 50 yards of 1 so I just suck

  3. Love this background music, about 2 yrs ago on 1 of the MMA news channels on YouTube it would always play this song while reading what fighters were saying back & forth on social media, how do u find this beat or song? Thanks 4 making this video, I've never taken the time to buy just a cheap T5 grow light to put my cuttings under 24/7 to make clones cuz my land lord is a bitch and God forbid a fuckin measley ass T5 grow light stay on for 24 hrs for 10-12 days, I even told the bitch if the energy bill was more on the month I made my clones then I'd pay it but then it occurred to me, she used to tell me when I 1st moved in like end of November that she grows lbs & I JUST missed her huge harvest & turns out she knows jack shit about growing & she's SO embarrassed about these exaggerations of hers that she's just TRYING to keep me from growing EVEN AFTER SHE TOLD ME I COULD GROW & I EVEN DOUBLE CHECKED W/HER cuz I was about to spend $180 on good feminized seeds & now she pulls this MONTHS AFTER I bought THE RAREST BEST FUCKING STRAINS! I'll just have 2 live my grow thru these vids. Thank u Cali 420

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