Is Oklahoma ready for recreational marijuana?

There were protests Thursday at the Oklahoma State Capitol over several bills lawmakers have written that would change medical marijuana rules. Tulsa’s …


  1. We The People Of Oklahoma Need Recreational Marijuana!! This Way Anyone and Everyone Can Get Elevated Legally!!! So Bring On The Vote!!! Were Ready, And U Already See How Much MONEY 💴 THE MEDICINAL MARIJUANA HAS ALREADY MADE FOR OUR STATE OF OKLAHOMA!!! BRING IT ON PLEASE!!!!! ALRIGHT MAN,YEAH!!!!!!’

  2. It's all about controlling people's lives. Oh what about alcohol oh let's not talk about drunk drivers let's keep arresting and harassing people who work their asses off and paying their taxes. What's the 4th amendment anyway. Why was pot made illegal anyway. How long ago was that I bet the haters don't even know. Let's keep the cartels in the money so they can bring heroin and coke into the city. It's all about warehousing people and turning good people into criminals on paper so they can't get a descent job. Screw politics!

  3. Oh yeah cause bud makes you see shit that isnt there, or oh my god some one hit a stop sign cause it was red and they mistook it for a nice wonderful apple! Grow the fuck up oklahoma. More people still get hurt in alcohol related crashes than anything else. Didnt taking away hydrocodone as a prescription drug do enough bloody damage? Fuck off politicians.

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