Japan is legalizing Weed?!

Wow, I mean, just wow. How can you talk about this stuff and not get in trouble with the online police? Japan is a country that has changed a lot. Especially in the …


  1. I love weed and I plan to study there either next year or the year after that. I hope it’s legalized before I go because weed is what helps me excel in my academics. I’m actually high right now while writing this lol.

  2. Be aware that weed now is too strong. People underestimate its power as a psychedelic. When American(and European) politicians were pushed on why a substance that led to few problems was made illegal they zoomed in on THC. It was now banned because of THC.

    Since the politicians focused on THC, the forces of the market focused on THC and the plants went from having apx 3-5% THC and just as much CBD and about half that of CBG. Now plants can have as much as 30% THC and .002 CBD and other dominant cannabinoids which is a recipe for depression, psychosis and paranoia if you are genetically predisposed.

    Fret not…CBD is the answer. Get high CBD strains along with your THC powerhouses and you dont need to find out if you are predisposed for paranoia if you use THC. And for most other people its just a better less introverted high. You get just as stoned, just less psychedelic.

    We need to pull weed out of the head and into the body again. So its a nice comfy balance. Sidenote, few plants contains as many terpenoids (smell chemicals) and it can have an expression that tastes and smells like fruit and berries. The only reason most of it smell like cat piss and rusten iron is because of a Strain called "Skunk#1". It was the first potent one to be really good for indoor cultivation and it is now bred into everything. Fucking skunk 1…

    Laddies, if youre going to experiment, dont forget the CBD. You wouldnt drive a bike without a helmet or go for a night out without a condom (i hope).

  3. I'm glad we managed to decriminalize weed here in South Africa. It's Legal to grow and smoke weed on private property over here. Plus most of the Pharmacies sell CBD oil. You should come visit us Sam. Plus good quality weed is so cheap here in SA compared to the States.

  4. I'm a 45 year old woman, so it feels too weird to call you Papa Tkyo, so I will just say hi Sam 😁 I broke immersion to watch this video because I'm a medical user who would love to spend significant amounts of time in Japan. I know this video is a week old, but I really hope you will still read this comment. Because it was you who finally sold me on immersion after almost a year of more traditional methods of learning Japanese. It was also you who helped me visualize a path to eventually monetizing all the work I've put in. I'm aiming for freelance translating. I know you said translation isn't your bag, but it's right up my alley. Unfortunately now, I can't watch your rants anymore since I started really pounding down the immersion. I have to say, my dude, that you sometimes have some pretty fucked up opinions about chicks sometimes 😹 But I figured that if Pearl likes you so much, then you must be pretty decent, so I kept watching your videos and I'm really glad I did. You made an offhand comment in one of your videos about immersion talking about sentence counts and where one needs to be to start shopping jobs in translation. And it just stuck with me and ignited a fire. I've been studying Japanese for about 13 months and showing up everyday to study, but I would consider what I was doing for the first 10 months to be farting around compared to how I'm operating now. My entire day is filled with Japanese. Flashcards and some grammar in the morning and immersion for the rest of the day. I was hesitant to jump into immersion because I stay at home with my 3 year old daughter who also demands a lot of time and attention. Luckily, she's been learning with me this whole time and she loves it too. She prefers to watch tv in Japanese most of the time, so that makes things a bit easier even though I can't let her watch most of my immersion material, she's getting her own. Anyway, I have just been thinking about getting a message to you to thank you for my new lifestyle. You made a huge impact with a tiny comment and now my progress is moving fast 💜 I've been taking the bulk of my immersion method advice from Matt vs Japan's Refold, but it was you who finally pushed me there. Sorry Matt, after almost a year of watching your videos, it was Tkyo who sold me. Thank you, Sam!

  5. The fact that I can get marijuana legally in CA allowed me to quit a pack a day smoking habit and also cut way down on the drinking. I feel more relaxed, less anxious, helps me sleep, too many pros to list I guess, you get the idea.

  6. Weed isn't my 'thing' but I don't shun anyone who partakes. IMHO it should at least be decriminalised in Japan. It would relieve the justice (cough!) system of an unnecessary 'bicycle-chasing' burden & allow it to devote resources to more serious problems.

  7. Bruh they’re gonna criminalize using it even in America. It’s not enough they’re overbearing with bullshit rules in Japan, they gotta enforce it in my own country

  8. I hope things change soon. At least with the medical shit. That way more Japanese people can see how beneficial it is. That's my one hang up about living in Japan. I never got caught smoking or growing it before it was legal in my state, but I think I would be paranoid as hell in Japan. Even when it was illegal in California, I think if you got busted it was just a ticket or they just took your weed. And no one really gave a fuck. Id always smoke a joint at the skatepark and no one blinked an eye

  9. Africa is owned now by China no black people owning or building that shit the African leaders are signing away all the land resources to China with exclusivity deals also the leaders of Africa is putting there nation's in so much debt to China they will never pay it back China and some other nation's pretty much own the continent all the development comes from foreign people not African the only Africans making money are the leaders and there cronies getting rich selling out there country

  10. Yes most of the states here legalized it and even if the Feds Ok it there will still be lots of smuggling, because the legally grown types are lower in potency.

  11. Great video! My prediction is that within 5 to 10 years of America legalizing weed at the federal level, Japan will do the same. I wish it would be sooner, though. And yes, Japan investing in cannabis stocks is the epitome of hypocrisy.

  12. Weed is legal in Canada, but Canada still has a pretty bad drug problem. My city is pretty bad for that, so I admit I'm biased.
    I agree alcohol can be a gateway drug, but to me weed is still a gateway drug.
    Who knows when people become bored of weed and want something a bit more powerful?
    I dunno that's just my opinion man :^)

  13. Its crazy that alcohol (a drug) is totally legal but far more harmful. Not sure why there’s such a stigma but Asians don’t like weed.

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