1. I'm doing a CFL grow for my first time right now. Always just used the ol' MH/HPS.
    They are in week 2 of flower. So far the plants are very robust and healthy. The CFLs I bought for like 10$ a bulb,
    135 watt, (600 watt eq.)

  2. I bet that bud taste like crap. You can clearly see they have nutrient burn on the tips. They look way to young to harvest. You did good up till the end! Most growers all make the same mistake. I made mine. You grow and learn. But the only way to learn is to grow. They look beautiful just too early man.

  3. That is by far the best CFL grow ive ever seen. I've used them for cloning and starting for years, and have often wondered if they could produce solid flowers. Now I have m y answer

  4. Just curious how long do u leave the cfl’s on during veg state & flowering…I’ve always been an outdoor grower but I was thinking bout changing it up this year. Good job by the way!!!👍🏼

  5. Hey man hanging the whole plant upside down makes no sense…separating each branch allows more air flow and even drying. It's a common misconception that moisture flows downward when hanging upside down, I've never seen evidence proving it

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