Run From The Cure – The Rick Simpson Story (A Film By Christian Laurette) Trailer

After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the …


  1. @ Robert Johnson

    Terribly sorry to hear you had this poor experience. I happen to know that the individual who addressed you in this way is no longer with the organization. I do hope you enjoy the ebook, and at this time there is no hardcover or softcover version of the book.

  2. People I need your help! I've been locked out of my fight2legalize channel and I really need subs. I lost a baby girl due to cancer back in 2005 and I discovered cannabis oil can cure many forms of cancer. I had a very awesome conversation with a South Carolina Sheriff that put himself in some "hot water" by threatening to arrest a man because he was for the legalization a cannabis/weed! I will be releasing a video monday or tuesday detailing the outcome of that conversation. I must say that I've never felt more positive about the fact that we can change the mindset of Law enforcement officials as to why cannabis should be freed! Please sub and help me if you wish to fight this fight with me! Thank you all that intend on helping! I'll do what I can to spread you videos as well! Much Love!

    ☆Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson (PANACEA) Oil, Nature’s Answer For Cancer☆
    Rick Simpson Oil refers to extremely potent and sedative purified decarboxylated Cannabis resin with 95-98% THC. This substance can be used with great success to cure, treat or control Cancer, Pain, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Infections, Inflammations, Blood Pressure, Depressions, Sleeping Problems etc. To purchase Rick Simpson's e-book or directly donate to him visit

  4. I think I seen this movie , the editing is reallllllly bad – kinda like how you think your parents just learning to use movie maker for the first time bad:)

  5. Uh huh, sure – that's believable. And even if 'marijuana activists' were responsible, what does that have to do with anything? Marijuana needs to be decriminalized, plain and simple.

  6. I tried to order Rick Simpson's book and was delivered a .PDF via email. When I responded to their email stating I though I was getting a bound book and was disappointed and offered to pay more to get a real book, I was told "you ordered an ebook no get over it. Great answer from an organization bringing healing and peace to the world.

  7. 1) Authorities have determined that marijuana activists were responsible for the Boston Marathon explosions. Many witnesses reported seeing a group of pot smokers laughing, dancing, & passing blunts amongst themselves, shortly after the explosions. In addition to harmful projectiles, the two bombs also included a large amount of pot, blanketing the area in toxic pot smoke. Video footage shows many runners, bystanders, & emergency personnel choking for air.

  8. 2) One pregnant woman sobbed that she’s afraid the fetus she’s carrying would be deformed after inhaling such a large amount of pot smoke from the bombs. On condition of anonymity, a spokesperson for Boston area pot smokers stated to local news that they planted the bombs to bring attention to the pot legalization issue, & threatened to set off more bombs if pot wasn’t legalized shortly in Masachussets, as it has been in Colorado & Washington. Photos available on my YouTube channel.

  9. Dr. Douglas Kramer, Chief Medical Officer (☏ 1-855-VET-GURU) who’s the first Veterinarian in the country to at least openly administer Medical Cannabis to Dogs, is not a Medical Cannabis patient himself. His venture started when his Dog, Nikkita, was diagnosed with Cancer. This led Dr. Kramer studying recent Cannabis research, which pushed him to create a homemade Cannabis tincture, which he administered to her.
    Tight lid stainless steel or dark color bottle in a cool, dark place, RSO = PANACEA.

  10. Have you been searching for high quality Hemp oil? Search no more. Dr. Thomas Hemp Oil is available for purchase within all regions in the United State of America and to be delivered by U.P.S delivery agent contacting Dr.Thomas on Email:, Once you purchase your high grade hemp oil from Dr.Thomas, you should look forward to agent ASAP.
    This info is to be pass one to all United States of America Citizens, both North America and South America.

  11. I saw that Rick Simpson video Run from the cure. Excellent! It's in the best interest of the drug companies for us to remain sick. If they legalized hemp oil the drug industry would lose billions of dollars in drug money. Hemp oil cures all sickness and it's illegal. That's criminal.

    "Rick Simpson's discoveries of using high dose Cannabis (95-98% THC Hemp Oil) to Cure Cancer's is a reality! There's no question in my mind that many people are and have been able to cure their Cancer's and I mean a whole variety of Cancer's. Not everybody can tolerate that high dose most people if they build up SLOWLY (about 90 days to ingest the full 60gram treatment, 3 half a grain short grained rice size doses per day, doubling the dose every 4 days) can."
    Dr. Melamede

    -Location: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
    Course: Endocannabinoids and Medical Marijuana Biology 408
    Teacher: Dr. Melamede, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
    -"Holy Anointing Oil recipe in Dead Sea Scrolls (Exodus 30:22-25): 500 shekels (6 kg) Myrrh, 250 shekels (3 kg) Fragrant Cinnamon, 250 shekels Fragrant Cane "Kaneh Bosom" CANNABIS Sativa, 500 shekels Cassia, Suspended in 1'hin' of (4 L) of Olive Oil"
    Dr. Sweeney, Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson) Foundation

  14. The problem is it's my mother who i'm trying to "save" funnily enough she is a T – Total, christian happy clapper 🙁
    Says " would not use cannabis to cure her cancer even if she new it worked "
    I continue to bombard her with all the latest information on the cure but she is cuing up for chemo !!

    One of my favorite J.C.I. (Journal of the National Cancer Institute) articles is PMID: 1159836 (Antineoplastic* activity of Cannabinoids) FROM 1975. I assume they need more research time before moving on to humans as we only share 99% genes with Mice.
    *Acting to prevent, inhibit or halt the development of a tumor.

  16. RSO is made from powerful sedative Indica strains with 20% THC or higher.
    Sativa strains can only be used for Topical applications or as an Antidepressant (Rick Simpson continually wrestles/on the fence with this particular application).

  17. PANACEA / nano 101
    Compared to Rick Simpson's Cancer Cure ALL 95-98% THC Hemp Oil, Hemp SEED Oil (check the ingredients label!) that's available at your local Health Food store has nano benefits.

  18. Anyone else tired of trying to spread the cure to the world ?
    I have found that no one will accept this information, I have printed documents (from J.C.I) that are peer reviewed & still get point blank ignored !
    It's disturbing !
    I truly believe that when folks get diagnosed with disease they become attached to the attention it gives them, like an imaginary friend !

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