1. Sorry to say but I don’t think Joe Biden will be the one to legalize weed on a federal level no matter how hard congress may push for it and with this pandemic going on it’s definitely a matter that’s on the bottom of his list that’s for sure taking it off the list as a class 1 drug would help a lot tho

  2. Yes, slavery is still alive and working in America. The prison system is the institution that keeps white supremacy alive and thriving. Modern-day slavery is cruel and unusual and the Republican-confederates would rather not tax marijuana and not allow reform of legislative transgressions that allow police to act brutally and ignorantly against their own citizens. Every non-violent marijuana conviction should be overturned with freedom, expungement, reparations, and possibly a job too.

  3. This is how I started using other drugs the marijuana was not getting it no more I wanted something stronger this is a bad idea come to Baltimore in my hood and see how they are killing each other over this s***

  4. Dip toy really believe your president Biden, who wrote the crime bill that locked up non violent drug offenders, actually cares about people of color doing time?

  5. We need to stop accepting such petty changes that should never have been…truly, should weed have been considered on s class 1 drug list…it should have never been and now to finally provide something that should have never been criminalized is an insult to me…alcohol will kill more this year than ever with weed…

  6. Let's be reasonable, Legalize Marijuana will make Blacks more unemployable. NO, NO responsible employer will hire a drug addict using weed. Every company now have drug testing before and during employment. I know you don't like what I said, but i don't give a damn. I said, No Trucking compamy, no Company using forklife Operators, No accountent Company, No assemlby line Companies, no company who deals with the public, The Military will not allow you to enlist. No Hospital or Medical Office, Most Schools and Colleges will not allow marijaman on campus. Legalize marijuana, you will continue to destroy our race. You will not get my Company or any other Company sued and ran out of busines because I hired Drug addicted people. What Medical situations do weed cause the mine and body ?? You don't know do you, ask someone who smoked weed for 40 years. Accidents will be an all day occerance. Now take that TRUTH to the bank. 99% of the time I agree with you DL, but this time I have to bring the TRUTH to you. Let your Doctor, Dentist, Nurse Practitioner smoke weed and come operate on you, I'm done. What the hell is wrong with this decision?? I smoke week for 35 years, I know what I'm talking about. DL do you smoke weed, OK, I'm through

  7. Knowledgeable men and women from the 50s and 60s Malcom Martin.Fannie Lou Hamner… like yourself thats woke and try to wake us all
    We're and is today a threat to what they want us to continue to be. In the dark. Fear driven.

  8. I live on a reservation on which my people were put on they say a couple years ago that they weren't going to trip on Natives growing on their own land. Yet there's an airplane in the sky over my reservation everyday and that isn't a myth or paranoid thought. There literally is a plane in the sky above my peoples land also there have been times it goes so slow and low that have been not even 100ft above my house they have come as close as like 25ft above my house its crazy you think a plane could do that anywhere else than an Indian reservation I mean that's obsurd to think a plane can come that close to a house but I've seen it so many times it's common place and they still do it. Even when they talk about federal decriminalization and still fly over my house everyday so I don't believe they are going to go through with it I'll be optimistic when I actually see it passed but don't believe that will come to be. All things they have implemented or laws they implement is to control what you have and don't have and most believe the government has their best interest while controlling you everyday its crazy to me but I'm a Native American so government has never had my people interest in mind. My Existence Is Resistance plain and simple

  9. Biden, once again misled us and lied!!!! He’s allowing the republicans to have their way and they’re the minority. Like Biden said, “Nothing will fundamentally change.” What was all the pushing for Georgia to send the two senators. Now, they still can’t do anything. So they ill prepared us? All this time he spent in Congress and you think biden didn’t know what it takes to get things done

  10. Biden will not sign the bill. He has not changed. For those who thought he had changed, it was just talk to get your vote. The white house fired and/or made some staff members work from home.

  11. The 13th amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. The amendment was passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified by the required 27 of the then 36 states on December 6, 1865, and proclaimed on December 18. It was the first of the three Reconstruction Amendments adopted following the American Civil War.

    This was put into place to allow the southern U.S. jim crow laws to have bite. It was a way to continue slavery.

  12. I'll bet big tobacco is about to get in on the legal weed game. Might be a good idea to invest in the legal weed growers. Big tobacco will try to buy them all out.

  13. Every industry in America benefits from the "prison INDUSTRIAL complex" PIC.
    🐟 farms=Angola, school desk and lockers=upstate NY, don't 4get license plates=every state prison. Slavery by Another Name.

  14. If weed was legal on the federal level police departments would have to budget cut and non-white people would have an opportunity to make money "legally" off an industry that has severely hurt non-white communities over the past 5 decades. America would never let that happen frfr.

  15. Well, technically these corrupt, greedy hypocrites are currently attacking a LOT more than "wokeness" culture, though.
    Why should we find it so hard to believe that 30-40% of Americans 'think' the 2020 election was somehow "stolen" in primarily non-caucasian voting districts?!! 🤔
    Their (not so subtle) goal is to make America "white" again, and don the con artist 's one term, twice impeached, selfish swamp show disaster of a "presidency" was ultimately a direct response to Obamas presidency from "good ol' " American racists ,, let's be clear about this.
    Otherwise, and if so secure within themselves, they'd have no issues with teaching fact based history which covers the good, the bad and everything in between. Texas wouldn't be passing laws as we speak banning schools from teaching MLK Jr.s "I have a Dream" speech and banning teaching that says the kkk is morally wrong . So, they've essentially just revealed openly they obviously AGREE with an organization (which permeates the entire past & current "system" of America) whose members hate, mistreat, discriminate against, threaten, believe they are "better than", terrorize and murder so-called "black people".
    Not a coincidence we've seen a recent explosion of "Karen" meltdowns nation wide. It's not simply the pandemic stress, it's the reaction of a highly closed minded, (potentially inbred) group of people who identify as the "majority" yet, they of course are the global minority.
    Apparently these type of folks weren't taught that if you have to put somebody else down in order to boost yourself up, that is not truly a legitimate "win" for you.

  16. 100% true! The whole reason behind the "War on Drugs" was to criminalize massive numbers of black people, AND to semi-enslave them prisoners for approx. 7 cents per day.

    ♡ I'm saving this clip to listen & share widely. Thank you.

  17. 📻 Preach It DL on your Innovative,  GED Section.  Your second act as a Political Commentary within Comedy,  for  the past 15 Years has overshadowed your first act!  Uncut, Clever, Sharp,  Right is Right; Wrong is Wrong! Shout Out to Dick Gregory 🎭

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