Transplant Trauma In Cannabis Plants – Sagging – General Advice

Today on Lex’s World, a quick episode on what transplant trauma looks like and what to do about it; namely… nothing. It’ll go away and it’s totally normal, even …


  1. I just transplanted my plant today and it the leaves started sagging down about an hour later and its getting worst the leaves are curling rn what should i do?

  2. Hey Lex, Just curious if there was a rule to Transplanting into certain sized pots? Do you need to slowly transplant into slightly larger sized pots instead of jumping to a large one after Seedling stage that you plan to keep it in for Flowering. Thank you Sir.

  3. Hay Lex! I think I'm seeing nutrient burn, should I flush immediately? She's in a 5 gallon pot,should I flush with 5 gallon of ph water or more,let dry out fora couple of days and then do a lite feed.i want to flush today,newbie,first grow! Please I need help!

  4. How many times, per life cycle, should a plant be transplanted. I see some growers go from solo cup to 2 gallon pot, to 5 gallon pot, and then finally to an outdoor bed or an even bigger final pot. On the other extreme growers sometimes plant seed directly into the plant's final resting spot. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two extremes?

  5. Thanks for the video extra advice is always good. But I always let my soil dry out as much as possible before transplanting. That way you don't have a big wet mess and then you would really traumatize the plant. Don't forget to sprinkle some Miko's for root stimulation……

  6. Not sure if you have a video about this yet, but I was thinking, are there any differences between marijuana grown naturally in a forest or something and marijuana grown in a controlled setting?

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