Mother of son who needs medicinal cannabis: Investors need to deploy their capital accordingly

Total investment in the medicinal cannabis sector across Europe is in excess of €1.2 billion pounds – 20% of which was raised in the first six months of 2021.


  1. She cant have medical cannabis for her son,a proven way to ease his illness,but they will happily give unproven,experimental,bullshit vaccines to everyone,whether you want it or not.Disgusting.I wish you and your son the best.

  2. It should have been legalised a long time ago. The industry needs taking out of the hands of criminal gangs. It's a lot safer if people can buy it in shops where they know what they're purchasing. Tax the sales and put the money into drug education.

  3. Everyone who chooses to, should be able to grow their own Can i bis as we do other plants deemed to have nutrients healing properties whixh are vital to a healthy exsistance.. Vegetables!

  4. This natural herb has been used for hundreds, maybe thousands of years and we know the long / short term effects and their side effects can be beneficial in many ways. It's morally criminal to withhold and not regulate this properly.

  5. GWPharmaceuticals, a UK based company, has developed a drug Epilodex (basically, cannabis oil) , specifically for certain types of childhood epilepsy. Its has been approved by the FDA and prescribed in America. It can be prescribed in the UK with draconian restrictions & recommendations (such as combining with other drugs and after certain other epileptic drugs are tried first) The interesting thing is , a group of brothers from Colorado managed to cure a toddler with there own home grown, years before GWpharma was approved in the USA –

  6. I really dont understand why there is so much red tape concerning prescribing cannabis for medical purposes in this country when we subscribe opiates for medical reasons all the time

  7. Give these people their medicine!

    If you’ve ever witnessed someone have a basic seizure from start to finish you’d understand, not just the seizure, the aftermath and recovery. The first time you see just the seizure it is utterly shocking. The first time that person confides in you and asks for mid seizure help in future it is utterly terrifying. The first time you care for them from start to finish it is utterly depressing, that they have to live with that experience at all, and the fear of it on a daily basis.

    Give these people their medicine!

  8. The odd thing here is that Cannabis as a medicine is readily jumped on by those that want it because they are addicted to it, they are not interested in it treating people like this child but want to use it as a way of fulfilling there need .I've seen lots of cases were this habit I is brain destroying.

  9. Lost 10 years of my life on prescription opiates after breaking my back. Stopped & switched to cannabis many years ago and haven't needed any further help since. Couldn't care less about the law, it's not kept illegal for our benefit but for big Pharmaceutical companies and back handers to MPs. Anyone who hasn't tried it is clueless and has no right to tell others what they can & can't do.

  10. Playing politics with a medicine is so backwards. Every substance can be abused ffs but cannabis really does have numerous medical uses and the 'side effects' are usually hunger and sleep – if you're using the real thing.

  11. Weed is illegal yet you can go to the shop and buy a 3 litre bottle of death and a 20 pack of smokes. Both of these things cause immense stress on the NHS. The laws are outdated. Id rather a country full of stoners than a country full of drunk idiots chatting rubbish and filling the hospital cos they had a fall out in a bar or drank too much poison.

  12. Bless this lady and Billy. Cannabis has a proven track record. Unlike a certain other . Unfortunately there would be little profit in Cannabis in this country so the government don't care

  13. This could be a real business to help grow the middle class just like the great British institution the pub.

    We all know though that in 2021 we will be sold out by our governing class to huge American corporations

  14. did you no hypocrisy of all this was done when Teresa may was pm and she rejected this , guess what here husband Phillip may invests in and has shares inn, growing cannabis oil plants same thing….

  15. Let the over 50's grow it.
    Make it licensed, family and friends license, medical license, commercial limited growers license.
    No large corporations plz. Wealth extraction is a real problem.

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