The Levo II – Cannabis Infusions at the Push of a Button

This little machine can dry, decarb AND infuse your cannabis, CBD and even other herbs into any sort of oil or fat you want… in just the push of a button.


  1. Hi hope you are well. Have been looking at this product for quite sometime and it seems to tick all the boxes for my needs. Pain relief from fibro plus other pain and anxiety and ptsd. Only problem is that I live in Australia and the Levo wiring system is a different voltage to ours so not compatible. Which is a real bummer seems to do the job it is designed for and very easy to clean. Have spoken to Levo about the voltage issue you may be able to get them in Australia but with an adaptor type cord but no warranty. Lots of coin to lose if it doesn,t work. Levo also told me that they were working on an international model for different countries which have different standard voltage but I think Covid might have put that on the backburner for a while. Which is a shame as their really is a need for a machine like this in Australia. They have sort of legalised cannabis here for medicinal use. But apparently you cant get it or it is extremely expensive. Their are some growers and medicine makers out there in oz who donate their products and services to those that cant afford or cant get their medicinal hemp or cannabis extremely compassionate and giving and brave. Yeah so a few of these and you could make your own medicine at home quite easily. And when you are in pain you dont want to have to be using lots of pots and pans and utensils and stuff and then have to clean it all no fun when in pain. So the Levo would be great to have. I,ll just have to wait for the day when I can buy one here. Thanks for all your videos I do find them interesting and informative. Please stay safe. Regards Noel downunder in Australia. 😉

  2. Buy a mini nugsmasher. Seriously. It's solvent free concentrate. You can smoke it or use it in your choice of fat. You can decarb with it. This is literally a waste of your bud. Nugsmasher. This is a rookie machine. Don't you dare … Haha

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