1. 59:23 I know you guys have to do what is best for your businesses and try to reach as many people as possible but I personally feel if people cannot take the time to listen/read/watch, how ever long it takes to cover a subject, well then they don't deserve to benefit from the assembled information. I understand people are busy but don't tell me you don't have time for an hour long knowledge bomb and then spend 45 mins. swiping left, right and every which way on your phone. If KNOWIING/LEARNING is important to you make the time. I know I am an odd duck but I get excited the longer the video is. To me 1-2 hours is barely enough time to get started on some topics! #deepdiveFTMFW!

  2. 18:00 I think BB attracts those of us who are simply never satisfied so we are always looking for ways to improve. Beyond that I know for me personally I simply enjoy trying out the new supplement or compound, much like people enjoy seeing a new movie or going to a new restaurant as often as possible. More times than not the movie is not that great, the meal is not that delicious and with the BB compounds the results are underwhelming. Be that as it may, I sure enjoyed the process of getting excited, learning, and testing out the new stuff(within reason of course.) Yes, I would have a small fortune had I never tried SO MANY supplements but so would people if they had all the money spent on crappy meals and shitty movies. At the end of the day, it is a hobby and hobbies cost money. Now if you make your living competing stick to the tried and true as your paycheck depends on it.

  3. Really enjoyed this episode! You’re both very talented, charismatic and puts on a great show. Fantastic! A must if you’re interested in AAS.

  4. I really like the Bayer blend Coach Steve mentioned. It seems like a combo that I could blast and cruise with while keeping health and safety relatively in check and would still leave room for an oral kick or inj oral kick (4-6 weeks) 0-3 times a year…

  5. Coach Steve provides the in-depth science to his methodology, yet is also able to incorporate real life/world experience and application, which is a bump to his cred for sure…

  6. Someone else that sees alot of similarities between Scott and Woody from the PKA podcast?

    A way better version though cus Woody's such a fucking douch.. 🤣

    Big up guys, good podcast as always!

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