1. What: Psychedelic Therapy Weekend
    When: Next Weekend
    Where: RIck Doblins House
    All World Leaders and Lex Fridman Invited
    Friday Night Speaker followed by MDMA therapy session
    Saturday Night Psilocybin Ceremony
    Sunday Brunch followed by DMT sessions

  2. I think this "spiritualization" will or would happen with or without psychedelics. I think it's only natural for people to want to explore spirituality to better understand themselves and the universe around them. Also his wording of "net zero trauma" so basically a utopian place? And how would it really be achieved? The details are immense but let's look at 3 I think are important, feel free to add as you please, 1 being mental health in every form being cured in some waynas well as understanding it and forgiving actions or behaviors and/or punishment accordingly. A second variable might be how some people aren't open minded to new ideas and/or as others have commented that someone might become authoritarian , totalitarian or fascist etc. Also you would have to consider war and how that plays a role and what tactics militaries are willing to use in order to achieve their goals. How to prevent war etc. And lastly you would need to make sure that resources weren't so scarce that people people would fight over them, but also make sure the civilization is able to produce enough of those resources. But my issues with all of these talks of this " utopia" is 1. how is it going to happen? 2. How do we decide morality? 3. What amount of resources is enough? I've already found some holes in my complete thoughts on this topic. But it would be heaven on earth to see any bits of these things to come true.

  3. Just give US politicians an yearly competence examination and get reviewed by peers superiors and subordinates – based on merit not who gives the most $ in donations that is corruption, send those to jail.

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